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Until the red Sun completes the circle in its orbit,
we return to the source again.

izvír -a m (ȋ)
1. kraj, kjer voda prihaja, priteka iz zemlje na površje
2. kar omogoča, pogojuje nastanek, nastajanje česa

Izvir 2023

Where the spring water flows, the nature is pure.

Izvir is an intimate electronic music ceremony which connects local people with abroad.

Amidst forest and river, a diverse gathering celebrates nature's beauty. Izvir is a summery gathering in Slovenia's north; a small music festival, sheltered under the slavic part of the Alps, surrounded by forests and a river.

It's a sanctuary where we can unplug, slow down, and immerse ourselves in the beauty of the present moment. It's a space where we can find the courage to be vulnerable, connect with others in meaningful ways, and celebrate the richness of our shared humanity.

Izvir tents

Return to the mother's womb

Izvir offers a very limited experienced to the extended family of Kundi descendants - the daughters and the sons of the brotherly selfless mothers who unselfishly take care of all the children as their own.

Izvir tents

Formaviva is home to hundreds of indepedent creators who seek expression of freedom in music

Izvir is one of the festivals showcasing incredible creators who choose to sacrifice commercial success in the search for something greater. Their mission is rather a personal quest to create music that is pure, stays true to their core values, and continues to push boundaries.

Their music enriches our lives and make it more purposeful. For this reason, we cultivate awareness in supporting these creators while enjoying their music and connecting with their sound.